“Girls must come forward themselves against dowry "

Efforts to eradicate dowry between the government and society must make a comparative studies. Official Rules dowry harassment laws exist even day to day events are unable to prove meaningful efforts to eradicate dowry.

Several suggestions came to government in order to construct a wedding venue in every city. All the marriages at area are held in government official sitting, after getting satisfied about marriage without dowry to the groom and the bride side he will issue marriage certificate From my point of view this is not practical, because government system so much corrupted that Bribes and kickbacks are allowed to give a bribe taker, from all of these things it is clear that both government and civil society efforts are ineffective over dowry eradication…

In such condition how to deal with dowry demon, this challenging question stands before us .Here I would like to with an example in goddess laxmi swyamvar she draped the garland around the neck of the person who has no desire of money, if my country girls take pledge the they will only drape the garland around those people’s neck who are not money greedy or dowry greedy than the problem can be solved to a large extent…

Dowry is a social evil in spite of knowing, any social or cultural institution have not started work to disappear this evil and to trained the girls in this direction .There are many women’s organization in our country but no constructive role for dowry eradication can be seen from any of these organizations. By giving girls to learn the essay on “Dowry is a social evil” they thought there work’s over .In my view after high school there should be a period for dowry and to get rid of this and to give the knowledge of effective ideas, a certain course should be determined in this direction.
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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Home business/Work from home"

How far are you from your success or how close your are to your success , both things are the two aspects of the same coin, the spirit of giving heights to your talent and to show the world can make you a successful man ,it doesn’t matter that how much you are qualified or whatever your age. If you want to work then there are many ways .To work doesn’t mean that you have to step out from your home then only you can work, by doing job we mean those works or business since a long time which are running from homes in many forms, but looking at today’s progressivism it’s usage are less and it’s values decreasing day by day. Even today there are many ways opened for domestic women through which they can run business at a small scale from their house and can become self dependent...

The unemployment named disease is so much bully in our mind and heart that we can’t able to see the thousands of works which are around us and can be done easily without much effort, there are several home businesses such as craft, sewing, embroidery and to prepare different food items etc. are the works which can easily be done from home

Life gives us many opportunities but the right utilization of those opportunities at the right time is in our hand, today you can search freelancing jobs on internet and also today the network of internet is so vast that you can sell you home made products from your home only even you don’t need to supply them in market there r many sites like e bay on which you can sell your product.

If you are interested in art field then you can inset a workshop at your home in which different types of paintings can be taught, similarly there are many fields whose classes can be taken like music, singing, recital , etc…

If you are interested in spiritual things than u can also give the classes of reiki, acupressure sujiok, tarot cards and more,it doesn’t cost you anything but gives a new extension to your talent and can also be called as home business.

We can turn our hobbies into home business, either it is sport, or cooking or anything else we want to do is ‘just prepare yourself for that and start working on it ‘.

We know that very well that what knowledge we have, can we do anything in that field in which we have knowledge???? This doubt always remains in their heart or there is nobody to encourage them.

We have to find our own way to reach our target.

To demonstrate your talent by identifying yourself is not a bad thing, you can do this in your own home nobody stopped you …..

Written by:Akshay-mann

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